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Dr Alexandra Zimmermann (IUCN SSC HWC Task Force, Oxford University)

Prof David Macdonald (WildCRU, Oxford University)

Dr Manali Baruah (Global Wildlife Program, World Bank)

Dr Jaime Cavelier (Global Environment Facility)

Prof Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz (University of Nottingham Malaysia)

Dr Ameyali Ramos (IUCN CEESP)

Dr Amy Dickman (WildCRU, Oxford University)

Dr Andrew Loveridge (WildCRU, Oxford University)

Prof Claudio Sillero (WildCRU, Oxford University)

Dr Dilys Roe (IIED, IUCN SULi)

Dr Duan Biggs (Griffith University, Luc Hoffmann Institute)

Ms Femke Hilderink (WWF)

Dr Gladman Thondhlana (Rhodes University)

Dr James Stevens (IUCN SSC HWC Task Force)

Dr Jenny Glikman (San Diego Global)

Dr John Linnell (Norwegian Institute for Nature Research)

Dr José Gonzalez-Maya (ProCAT)

Dr Joshua Plotnik (City University of New York, Think Elephants, Inc.)

Dr Juliette Young (NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology)

Prof Kate Hill (Oxford Brookes University)

Ms Kristina Rodina (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)

Ms Midori Paxton (UNDP)

Mr Simon Hedges (Asian Arks)

Dr Silvio Marchini (University of São Paulo; WildCRU, Oxford University)

Dr Simon Pooley (Birkbeck University)

Prof Steve Redpath (Aberdeen University)

Dr Sugoto Roy (IUCN Global Species Programme)

Dr Vidya Athreya (WCS-India)

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Photo credits: The images used throughout this website have been provided by J. Stevens, A. Zimmermann, Z. Morris-Trainor, S. Roy,  B. Daniels, J. de Speville, A. Pino / ACB Pro Carnívoros, Assam Haathi Project and Chester Zoo