Conference 30th March - 1st April 2023

The International Conference on Human-Wildlife Conflict and Coexistence will be held on Thursday 30th March – Saturday 1st April 2023 (with side meetings and short courses in the days before). Unless there are any other global major obstacles to this (e.g. renewed waves of Covid) we firmly plan to go ahead. Full planning will resume over the coming months, and we will be in touch again with further updates. The conference will be an in-person event, with recording of sessions.

Further information about the conference, and all news as it develops can be found on the conference website. You can also contact us and find updates via our Twitter and Facebook pages. Please see our FAQs below for specific questions.


If you are a registered delegate and still intend to join us – you don’t need to take any action now.

If you are a registered delegate, and are certain you will not be joining us, you can click here to request a refund for your registration. Please note that cancelled spaces will be made available to our waiting list. We have also reinstated our cancellation policy which can be read here.

If you are not a registered delegate and would like to be added to the waiting list for registration spaces that become available, please also click here so we can keep in touch with you as the plans develop.


Q. Could the conference be postponed again?

A. Unless there are any other global major obstacles (e.g. renewed waves of Covid) we firmly plan to go ahead.


Q. Can you assist me with travel or visa re-bookings or cancellations?

A. We can provide an “Official Letter of Postponement” to assist you with your logistics. Please contact us at:


Q. If I request a refund, can I re-register at a later date?

A. This depends on space available, however, we currently have a waiting list of over 600 people, so if you cancel your registration for a refund, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to offer your space back.


Q. In what format will the conference take place?

A. The conference will be mainly in-person, with recording of sessions. 


Q. I had my abstract accepted for the previous conference dates, will this still be the case for the rescheduled conference?

A. If you had your abstract accepted, your space in the conference programme has been reserved.


Q. I was not able to submit an abstract for the conference, can I submit an abstract for the new conference dates?

A. We had nearly 700 abstract submissions for 200 spaces and therefore we will not be accepting further submissions at this stage.


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