Conference postponed

The International Conference on Human-Wildlife Conflict and Coexistence is postponed until international travel to large events can be safely resumed. We hope to run the conference in March 2022, depending on further developments of the global coronavirus situation. We will provide further information as plans develop.

Further information about options in relation to the postponement, and all news as it develops can be found on the conference website. You can also contact us and find updates via our Twitter and Facebook pages. Please see our FAQs below for specific questions.


We will confirm the new dates as soon as possible. If you are a registered delegate and still intend to join us – depending on the dates, once confirmed – you don’t need to take any action now.

If you are a registered delegate, and are certain you will not be joining us, you can click here to request a refund for your registration. Please note that cancelled spaces will be made available to our waiting list.

If you are not a registered delegate and would like to be added to the waiting list for registration spaces that become available, please also click here so we can keep in touch with you as the plans develop.


If you have booked accommodation through the conference website or directly with any of the colleges of Oxford University, please check your booking details and cancellation policy as soon as possible: most will offer a full or nearly full refund on your booking if you cancel within the given refund notice period.   


We encourage delegates to contact travel providers to enquire about options for flight changes or cancellations as soon as possible. The new conference dates will be posted on this website shortly. If you require a letter from the conference organisers to confirm the cancellation of the event, please contact us so we can assist you.


Q. Will I be able to request a refund if I am unable to attend the new conference once the dates are confirmed?

A. Yes, if you are unable to attend the new conference dates, you will still be able to request a refund. Once the new conference dates are confirmed, we will provide a timeline for when final decisions must be made.


Q. When will I need to make a decision?

A. We understand that there is still a lot of uncertainty and we aim to be as flexible as possible. Once the new conference dates have been confirmed, we will provide a deadline for when decisions will have to be made. We will provide delegates plenty of time to make their decisions.


Q. Can you assist me with travel or visa re-bookings or cancellations?

A. We can provide an “Official Letter of Postponement” to assist you with your logistics. Please contact us at:


Q. If I request a refund, can I re-register at a later date?

A. This depends on space available, however, we currently have a waiting list of over 200 people, so if you cancel your registration for a refund, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to offer your space back.


Q. Do you know when the conference will take place?

A. Due to the current global uncertainties, it is difficult to finalise a date for the conference at this time, but we will do so as soon as possible. Once new dates are confirmed, we will be in contact and keep you updated on developments.


Q. If I cannot want to attend in person, will I be able to attend virtually?

A. We will be recording all sessions that take place during the conference, but we will only be able to provide these after the event. We cannot guarantee the conference will be live-streamed and it is unlikely presenters will be able to present remotely.


Q. I had my abstract accepted for the previous conference dates, will this still be the case for the rescheduled conference?

A. If you had your abstract accepted, your space in the conference programme has been reserved.


Q. I was not able to submit an abstract for the conference, can I submit an abstract for the new conference dates?

A. We had nearly 700 abstract submissions for 200 spaces and therefore we will not be accepting further submissions at this stage.


Q. Why can’t the conference be held virtually?

A. While we have seen great innovation over the last few months for virtual events, the aim of the conference and structure had been developed to ensure optimum interaction between delegates, to bring together diverse sets of disciplines to address human-wildlife conflict. We feel this would not be possible virtually working across all time zones.


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