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We invite proposals for contributions to the Conference from all sectors and disciplines to share and discuss experiences, insights, research findings and ideas. We particularly encourage proposals that create constructive interactions among people from different viewpoints, across sectors and disciplines. Presentations, sessions and discussions that focus on reflections and lessons learned, foster peer-to-peer learning, or present new ideas to accelerate collaborative progress globally, are especially welcome. Please read the Aims of the Conference before preparing your abstract, as these will guide the abstract selection decision process. Abstracts can be submitted via the button at the end of this page.


The following types of contributions are invited.


Symposium: A set of 4-6 talks on a specific topic. Talks should be 12 minutes long with a facilitated discussion time at the end, to summarise and discuss conclusions from the session. Proposals must name at least three speakers, preferably from several sectors, as well as a session chair. Session total time: 90 minutes.


Presentations: Individual presentations not submitted as part of a symposium. These are 12 minute talks with 3 minutes for questions. Presentations should focus on lessons learned, innovations, ideas, syntheses, evidence and evaluations. Session total time 60-90 minutes.


Speed talks with discussion: 5-minute talks pitching ideas, results or technical aspects, followed by roundtable time for speakers and audience to discuss their work with each other individually in more detail. Session total time: 60 minutes.


Panel or debate: 4-6 panellists or speakers plus one moderator, discussing specific challenges in the HWC field, with questions and discussion with the audience. The participants in the panel or debate must be representatives from more than one sector. Session total time: 60 minutes.


Interactive session: Propose your own idea for an interactive session format not listed above. For example, a facilitated roundtable discussion on a specific question or challenge, a knowledge café on specific issues. The session must include representatives from more than one sector. Session total time can be 60 or 90 minutes.


Poster: A poster version of a presentation, or of HWC intervention, damage reduction or safety manuals, guides or similar. Posters should be in A0 or A1 vertical format and will be shown in dedicated poster sessions to be scheduled.


Topics proposed can cover a wide range of aspects and disciplines but should focus on practical applications and lessons learned. Below are some examples of topics for proposals:

  • Lessons from working collaboratively, steps and practice in process co-design

  • Understanding human dimensions, and cultural and social aspects of HWC

  • Ecological and behavioural aspects of species affected by HWC

  • Development, food security, livelihoods, poverty, wellbeing and HWC

  • Working with the media on HWC issues

  • Planning, monitoring and evaluation of HWC interventions

  • Technology, big data, scientific innovations in HWC

  • Emergency and rapid response processes

  • Financial instruments including compensation and insurance

  • Community behaviour change, and social marketing

  • Conflict resolution, transformation, and peacebuilding in practice

  • Insights from governance and political aspects of HWC management

  • Developing policies and national strategies and their implementation

  • Technical solutions for damage reduction in HWC

  • Community experiences and traditional knowledge


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