International Conference on Human-Wildlife Conflict and Coexistence

The IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC) Human-Wildlife Conflict & Coexistence Specialist Group, the Global Environment Facility-funded and World Bank-led Global Wildlife Program and the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit at Oxford University's Department of Biology are co-hosting this International Conference on Human-Wildlife Conflict and Coexistence in Oxford, UK, on 30th March-1st April 2023. The conference is organised in collaboration with the IUCN Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy (CEESP), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and several more organisations.

Human-wildlife conflict is one of the most pressing threats to biodiversity conservation and achievement of sustainable development. These conflicts threaten the healthy co-existence of people and wildlife and undermine conservation efforts. Collaboration across disciplines and sectors is needed in this to address human-wildlife conflicts world-wide.

Human-wildlife conflict is one of the most pressing threats to biodiversity conservation and achievement of sustainable development.

This conference provides a major opportunity to do so. For the first time at this scale, we are bringing together representatives from several major sectors, including governments, NGOs, intergovernmental organisations, academic and business sectors, and indigenous and local communities, to discuss and debate insights and solutions for human-wildlife conflict management.

It will be an interdisciplinary event, actively seeking participation from presenters and discussants from fields such as ecology, animal behaviour, psychology, law, conflict analysis, mediation, peacebuilding, international development, economics, anthropology and others, to understand human-wildlife conflict through various viewpoints, learn from each other, and build new links and collaborations.

Aims of the conference

The International Conference on Human-Wildlife Conflict and Coexistence aims to

  1. Facilitate dialogue and peer-to-peer learning across sectors and actors on the topic for partnerships and collaboration across people and institutions working on human-wildlife conflict.
  2. Generate interdisciplinary and shared understanding of the latest insights, technologies, methods, ideas, and information from the field of human-wildlife conflict, coexistence and interactions.
  3. Mainstream human-wildlife conflict as one of the top global priorities in biodiversity conservation and the Sustainable Development Goals for the next decade, catalysing opportunities for working together on national, regional or global policies and initiatives.
  4. Identify and develop a collective way forward for addressing knowledge and implementation gaps for effective efforts to reduce and manage human-wildlife conflict.

Participate and collaborate

The conference is actively seeking to involve participants from across sectors and disciplines. Contributions can be theoretical or applied, with emphasis on discussion, transferable learning, insights from successes and failures, reflective case studies, and ideas, frameworks, and advice for action.

With the help of sponsors to cover travel costs, we are encouraging the participation of community leaders from areas of human-wildlife conflict and coexistence as well as representatives from governments of countries that work with human-wildlife conflict to present policy and practical viewpoints on these issues.

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